Saturday, January 21, 2012

Remember to Shovel Out Your Mailbox

It snowed about 6 inches last night. Please remember when shoveling out your cars, driveways and walks, that your mailbox should be shoveled out as well. Today I noticed a lot of people had plowed or used their snowblowers on their driveways, but failed to cross the road and clear their mailbox. The PennDOT trucks plow a lot of snow right in the path of your mailman, please help clear this so he can deliver your mail without getting stuck or getting out of his vehicle.

Just because he hasn't, and won't, say anything to you about the pile of snow in front of your mailbox, doesn't mean that you shouldn't be courteous and clear a path. After all, according to the postal regulations, he doesn't have to deliver your mail if your mailbox is not accessible. Please be kind, shovel, it will take you only two minutes of your time.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

View of Munderf from Thompson Farm

Found this photo on Steve Thompson's website and blatantly stole it to post here. It's a nice view of Munderf that most people don't see, taken from the hill above his family farm. Visit Steve's website while your on your computer, he's an author and has lots of stuff in print and online that will keep you occupied for about as long as you like. One of his books is currently for sale at the Dixon Corner Country Store.

(I know it's too big for the page, but that's OK)

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Local Amish Community to Celebrate Old Christmas on January 6th

Old Christmas is January 6th. Old Christmas is a customary holiday for the Amish community. Amish businesses are closed on Old Christmas and Amish workers have the day off. Most Amish celebrate with feasting with family, but no gifts are exchanged as they are on December 25th in the Amish community.

When I asked one local Amish man what he had planned for Old Christmas, he replied that his family was getting together to eat. I pressed for more details about their celebration and he said, "We'll eat a lot of candy."

January 6th is still widely observed as a holiday by many plain folks, who commemorate the Epiphany with rest and fasting.  The Epiphany, traditionally, is the day in which the wise men brought gifts to Jesus.  However, January 6th is called “Old Christmas” because in 1582 Pope Gregory XIII deleted ten days, eleven minutes, and fifteen seconds from the calendar, to realign it with the seasons of the year, thus technically moving Christmas from Dec. 25th to Jan. 6th.