Thursday, January 5, 2012

Local Amish Community to Celebrate Old Christmas on January 6th

Old Christmas is January 6th. Old Christmas is a customary holiday for the Amish community. Amish businesses are closed on Old Christmas and Amish workers have the day off. Most Amish celebrate with feasting with family, but no gifts are exchanged as they are on December 25th in the Amish community.

When I asked one local Amish man what he had planned for Old Christmas, he replied that his family was getting together to eat. I pressed for more details about their celebration and he said, "We'll eat a lot of candy."

January 6th is still widely observed as a holiday by many plain folks, who commemorate the Epiphany with rest and fasting.  The Epiphany, traditionally, is the day in which the wise men brought gifts to Jesus.  However, January 6th is called “Old Christmas” because in 1582 Pope Gregory XIII deleted ten days, eleven minutes, and fifteen seconds from the calendar, to realign it with the seasons of the year, thus technically moving Christmas from Dec. 25th to Jan. 6th.

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