Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Attention Chicken & Bird Lovers - Chickenstock April 28th

Whether you raise chickens for eggs, meat, as pets, or if you raise (or want to raise) turkeys, guineas, emus, peacocks, ducks etc. you'll want to check out Chickenstock 2012. Chickenstock is a gathering of poultry enthusiasts, farmers and breeders where the public can come see a wide variety of birds for sale, trade and some just for show. Chickenstock 2012 is being held at the Tractor Supply store in Clarion on Saturday, April 28th, starting at 1:00 PM. 

Rachael Shaffer is helping to co-organize the event and invites everyone to attend. There will be lots of birds all all sorts for sale or trade. There will be speakers with lectures on raising chickens as well as lots of info and experts on hand to answer your questions. Tractor Supply is providing tables for those wishing to set up a little booth as well as some door prizes. Other local businesses will also be providing door prizes.

If you would like more info on Chickenstock 2012, please visit the Chickenstock Facebook page for more info and discussions on who's attending and what they are bringing. You might also want to use that page to post your own wish list for birds or eggs.