Richardsville Road Website: is an historical informational website developed by Danny Long with lots of photos, history, local genealogy and stories from current and former residents on the greater Munderf-Richardsville area.

Polk Township Website: is a website for Polk Township government. It includes news, updates, history and contact information of the current township supervisors.

Munderf Facebook Page:
Munderf's Community Facebook page is up and everyone is welcome to post whatever they wish including events, announcements and photos.

Munderf Maps:
Planning on exploring in the Munderf area? Then here's a fold-able waterproof USGS topographic map of Munderf that you can take with you.

The Legend of Slyhoff's Grave:
Legend has it that Richard Slyhoff was buried beneath a huge boulder to escape judgment day, see the whole story with a picture of the grave.